Book Review of “Presbytopia”

I am very thankful for a new book recently published by Christian Focus.  Rev. Ken Golden, minister of Sovereign Grace OPC in Davenport, Iowa, wrote Presbytopia: What it means to be Presbyterian in hopes that it will provide ‘some assistance to churches seeking to educate visitors and parishioners alike.’  In my opinion, this book succeeds in doing just that.  Presbytopia is a short, easy to read book.  Its fourteen chapters are divided into three parts, “Christian Essentials,” “Reformed Distinctives,” and “Means of Grace.”  In Part 1, Rev. Golden expounds the basics of the gospel.  And he does so with a clarity and depth rarely found in introductions.  In Part 2, he sets forth three ‘Reformed Distinctives’: the doctrines of grace, Presbyterian government, and Reformed worship.  Finally in Part 3, he focuses on the means of grace.  How does God build up and nourish his church?  I would highly commend this book to any and everyone.  In fact, I plan to use it with all new and prospective members!!