Bible Calendars for the New Year of Our Lord 2013

Prayerfully reading through the whole of scripture is a worthy and rewarding goal for the coming year.  Below are six calendars with readings for most days. The links are to PDF documents.

Bible Reading Plan from The Literary Study Bible: Daily Psalms or Wisdom Literature; Pentateuch or the History of Israel; Chronicles or Prophets; and Gospels or Epistles. Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, and Romans are read twice.

Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan: Readings in the Gospels, Epistles, Wisdom Books, and History and Prophets. Each month has 25 readings. This gives the reader several “free days” each month. They can be used for catching up if the reader falls behind or for more detailed study of difficult passages.

M’Cheyne Calendar: This venerable plan includes directions for family devotion, prayers, and fellowship.

M’Cheyne Calendar One Sheet: Includes only the calendar from the above plan for convenience of printing on a single sheet of paper.

Chronological: Through the Bible chronologically.

Weekly Bible Reading Plan: This is a one-sheet 52-week plan that allows for great flexibility in daily readings.

Westminster Calendar: This calendar, developed by Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr., includes thematic readings from the Westminster Confession of Faith, The Westminster Larger Catechism, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The relevant portions of the standards should be read along with the scripture proofs for each section.

The publishers of the ESV have a number of reading plans available via RSS, email, and the web here.

The Bible Gateway site features a number of plans as well.

The Daily Westminster site features feeds of the Westminster Calendar readings for RSS and email and can be read on the web as well.